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New York Italian American

I am the world’s #1 New York Italian American voice actor! My New York Mob Boss voice has been used by some of the world’s biggest names including Netflix, Fox Sports, Nintendo, NFL, NHL, & the New York Mets. I can voice in a Joe Pesci style or as an older gruff style mobster. If you’re looking for an iconic voice to make your project or brand stand out from the crowd, you have certainly come to the right place. My voice will bring your script to life. Contact me now and let’s get started.

The Old Man

My old man voice can adapt to any character or project from video narration to video games and much more. I can voice as an old man in many different accents including a David Attenborough or Gandalf style. British, Irish or Scottish accent plus many more. Message me with your requirements and make an old man happy!


My Scottish accent is extremely well liked and has appeared on many different projects including the 2021 movie Shepherd seen on cinema screens across the world. I’ve also voiced a documentary for BBC Scotland and an ITV commercial. I can voice in a friendly commercial Scottish accent or a rougher “Scottish warrior” voice. Contact me and let me know exactly what you need and I will give your script some Scottish magic!


Hola amigos! My Mexican accent voice-over is heard on projects worldwide! Being a fluent Spanish speaker I can voice in a Mexican accent in both English and Spanish. El Fruto by Bowmans Specialised Liquids and Raicilla are among my previous clients along with many video game companies and Mexican restaurants. I can voice in different Mexican characters as you can hear in my demo. Message me with your script or idea and I will bring your project to life!

Old wise Sensei

My Asian accent Sensei character voice has been in video games, animated films and podcasts around the world. Drop me a line and I will bring your character to life today.


My native Irish voice has appeared in many places. From TV and radio commercials to audio books, voicemail, podcasts etc. You might have heard me on Sky sports television at the recent Katie Taylor boxing match. I can voice in a variety of different Irish accents including my own Kildare, Cork, Donegal, Northern Irish, Midlands, North Dublin and South Dublin.

Send me a script or a message and I will forward to bringing your project to life!

Video Game Characters

If you need a video game character voice-over you have certainly come to to the right place! I have voiced hundreds of video game characters in many different accents and tones.

New York Mafia Boss, Mexican Chicano Gangster, London Cockney Gangster, Old Man British Wizard, Russian Soldier/Gangster, French Detective, Texan Cowboy, Wise Old Man, Viking Warrior, Wise Sensei, Scottish Warrior, Irish Warrior, German Soldier, Jon Snow, Australian Outback Man.

I look forward to bringing your video game character to life!

Documentary Voice Over

I can record a documentary-style voice-over similar to the style of David Attenborough heard in the BBC production Planet Earth. I’ve recorded for BBC, SKY, RTE, DAZN to name a few and I offer a trusted, warm voice. I will voice-over your documentary script in an authentic British RP (Received Pronunciation) accent. It is my goal to bring you the BEST customer service & highest quality voice over.

Football Commentary

I’m a Football commentator/Sports announcer!I have provided commentary on football and sporting events in Spain, Ireland and Austria. I will commentate on your football game, sports event or video footage in my British RP accent and I can also voice as a Co commentator for that expert analysis input in Scottish, Irish, American, Liverpool and many different accents! Message me with your details and I will get back to you very soon.

American Male Voice Over

I can record a professional American voice over for a variety of projects including commercials, audiobooks, video narration, podcast intros, voicemails, E-Learning, explainer & more.

New York Mobster

My New York Italian American mobster voice is hugely popular – capeesh?

I have voiced in many different video games as a mob boss including Tony and Clyde by DCF studios and Put Em Up from LoPoly Games, on American TV on Netflix, 2022 NHL All Stars Game intro on Sportsnet and the New York Mets baseball team to name a few. I can voice as a Joe Pesci style mobster or an older gruff sounding Godfather type mob boss. Send me a script and I’ll do the rest or you could end up “sleeping with the fishes”.


HARRRR me hearties! My pirate voice is the best around and has appeared in the Sea of Thieves video game and in the popular Australian energy drink Moon Pirate advert among others. Drop me a line shipmates and I’ll breathe some pirate life into your character, lest ye be walking the plank!


My Yorkshire accent has been used by the UK government’s drinkaware.co.uk campaign, on ITV Yorkshire, BBC radio Leeds and for 90 minutes football magazine for Leeds United’s return to the Premier League plus much more. Be it commercial, video narration, podcasts, a Jon Snow style character voice or audio books; I can cater to all of your needs. Drop me a line and let’s start working together.

The Wizard

The magical wizard voice I provide is hugely popular and has been involved in many video games, cartoons, animated movies, escape rooms, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more. Send me a message and I will cast a spell over your  script today!

The Texan Cowboy


Howdy partners, if you are looking for a Texan cowboy you came to the right ranch! My Texan cowboy voice has appeared on TV and radio adverts, video games, animated movies and lots more. So saddle up your horse, send me your script and I will do the rest!


Bonjour! My French accent is very popular as the voice of an Ambre Solaire sun cream advert, as Inspector Poirot in an animated film and in many escape rooms around the world. Contact me today and I will add some “je ne sais quoi”  to your project!


Having lived in Austria near the German border for many years I have great experience in hearing and voicing the German accent. I can be a serious German scientist or an angry German soldier. Whatever you need, just ask! My German accent voice-over has been used in many video games, animated films and social media videos.

Send me your script or project and I will do the rest. DANKE!

Santa Claus

HO HO HO! Every Christmas my Santa Claus voice comes to life and has appeared in Radio, TV, and social media  adverts or in personal messages to children around the world. Drop me a line and I will bring some Santa Christmas cheer to your script!


SKÅL! If you need an aggressive Viking warrior you have arrived at the right place! My Viking voice has been used in video games and many other places. Hire me to voice your Viking script before you make the journey to Valhalla!


If you are looking for a Russian accent, I am the man for the job! I can be a hardened Russian gangster or military man and I also speak basic Russian! Looking forward to working with you .

Character Voices

Do you need a character voice for your next project?Check out my demo and see if you find a voice you like or message me with your request and character type and I will do my absolute best to meet your needs.

Telephone Voicemail Greeting

I have voiced hundreds of telephone messages and voice mails in many different accents and tones. Contact me today and I will guarantee you a high quality voice-over delivered in under 24 hours.

London Cockney Gangster

Alright, geezer! My London Cockney hardman voice is just what you need to beef up your project. I have voiced in many video games and animated films as a “Diamond Cockney Geeza” and look forward to working with you my “Pedigree chum “.